Blue and purple crochet Spa bath set,bath puff,eye make up remover pads,face cloth,cotton yarn,eco friendly,gift,housewarming present

Blue-purple crocheted cotton Spa bath collection, Eco-Friendly

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This is a listing of a crocheted spa bath collection which contains:

-1 bath puff of 4.5'' Dia.
-2 face cleaning cloths of 6'' X 4'' ea.
-7 eye make up remover pads of 2'' X 2'' ea.
-one soap bar (made by me with shea butter)

-This is a beautiful collection to give someone you love on a special day.  They will thank you.  They will relax with this set.  All they will need will be a bottle of wine and some music and a herbal bath of course.

-I'm sure you will enjoy these cleaning items yourself too.

-So say goodbye to those yucky nylon puffs and hello to this soft cotton puff.
-And why buy pesky cotton pads, time after time, and waste money when you can simply wash these and reuse them instead, besides, the more you wash these the softer they become. Just wash and let dry.
-And as for the washcloths, well I think it's made it's proof before, but if you haven't tried them yet, you just have to.

-CARE: Wash bath puff with like items(cotton shirts) in the washing machine on gentle cycle in cold water.
-Tumble dry low with like items(cotton shirts).
-Do not wash with towels because of the lint, it will cling to the bath puff.
-The bath puff may take a little extra time to dry while in the shower.
-Be sure to squeeze all of the water out before hanging it up.
-Maybe buy 2 so you always have one on hand when washing the other.

Thank you for stopping by my shop.
Please convo me with any questions about this item.

Materials: soap, cotton yarn.

Soft Package: - E -