Can I cancel an order?

Yes, but there will be a charge of $5. 

     You see, people don't realize this, but once an order comes in, there is a lot of time in preparing the order:

     I need to go and get the item out of stock and then I carefully and beautifully pack it up as if it were a gift whether it's a handmade or vintage item.

I try to use recycled wrapping and stuffing paper as much as I can since I'm a recycling artist. But when I pack items like dishes, glasses and other fragile items I do use styrofoam popcorn stuffing beans, to make certain that the item stays well protected, and these foam beads are new unless I have some that I can recycle...  Oh yes, let's not forget the receipt and the handmade thank you note.

Then there's the shipping box to put the item in and then, of course, the shipping label which I print myself. So you see, if you cancel, I will need to throw away the shipping label, unwrap the shipping box, then try not to tear the wrapping paper and stuffing paper so I can use it on other projects since I recycle.  And then I restock the item. 

     So you see, cancelling an order is as time-consuming as filling it out.  And this is why there's a charge of $5.

The following items can't be cancelled, returned or exchanged:


  • Custom or personalized orders.
  • Intimate items (for health/hygiene reasons)
  • Earrings (for health/hygiene reasons)
  • Items on sale (Final sale, no returns)

     Thank you so much for your understanding...