What is so special about Recupefashion

Whether you buy a handmade, a vintage or any other items from Recupefashion Store, you will always get a great product from RecupefashionRecupefashion was born when I couldn’t work outside my home anymore.

I use to create upcycled clothing and selling them in OOAK specialty stores in Montreal, Quebec. 

But I underwent 3 major back surgeries and after all this, I suffer from chronical pain and I can hardly get around so I created Recupefashion online and started to create smaller Eco-friendly gifts, Accessories and Jewelry.

I also started to sell small vintage items, vintage fabric, vintage toys, vintage jewelry, vintage patterns, vintage sewing supplies and more.  I also sell surprise fabric bags which contain many things, such as square cotton fabric pieces of course, but also all sorts of knick-knacks.  There will be some: buttons, thread spools, different ribbons, threads and yarn pieces, smaller fabric pieces to make Barbie doll clothing or yo-yo flowers, there will beads, charms and lots lots more.

I sell all these vintage items because to me, it is recycling.

This way, they don't go to waste. Once I sell an item, it gets to go to another home, with a person that cares about it and it lives on for another period of time.  I find that it's important to keep these items alive so that other generations get to see these beautiful items.

So, no matter which item you buy from Recupefashion, you can certain of the guarantee we offer.  You will get a beautifully made product, a beautiful vintage find or a fun supply to work with.

If you can't see what you are looking for, simply message me and it will be my pleasure to work with you and help you with your project, or to help you find what you're looking for.

Thank you.