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Vintage resin belt buckle card from Canadian Buttons Limited

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-This is a listing for a vintage resin belt buckle card from Canadian Buttons LTD which was located in Montreal, Quebec.

-On this card, you have 10 resin belt buckles measuring 1" wide X 7/8" long. These measurements are from the inside of the belt buckle. So you can measure your ribbon more accurately.
-The smallest belt buckle measures 3/4" wide X 5/8" long
-Beautiful colours: white, red, black, yellow, brown, green, darkest navy blue and lilac.


***This card was for the salesclerk that use to go from store to store and ask the owner if they needed any buttons and he would show them these button cards.
-The owner of the store would then pick which buttons he/she wanted and order the buttons he/she liked from the card.
-You see, you can have a better idea of what you're buying when you really see the buttons then when you are looking at a catalogue. ***

-These belt buckles are attached to the cardboard with thread.  Very easy to remove and then you can start your crafting faster.


Materials: resin, thread, paper,

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